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Beginner Guitar Lessons

As we begin our musical journey with the guitar it is important to understand the parts of it. First, you will decide on the style of guitar you would like to learn on. An electric, an acoustic or a classical guitar. An acoustic guitar and a classical guitar  requires no additional equipment to be played whereas an electric guitar would need an amplifier. We have covered the difference between them on another blog, so you might want to check that out to have a better idea about the different types of guitar.

Guitar usually produces sound with the vibration of the strings which then resonates through the body of the guitar in different ways based on the type of guitar you have. Each string has different sound properties and we can access different sounding notes through the frets of the fretboard. The most default setting of a guitar is that it has six strings, a head where the tuning pegs are mounted, a neck where the fretboard resides and the body which is responsible for the sound you hear.You will count the strings from the thinnest  to the thickest. The thinnest string is considered the 1st string and you count them upwards until you reach the thickest string which is the 6th string.

Fret numbers begin from the start of the neck. The very first fret of your guitar is the fret closest to the head and then you count them ahead till your fret ends. You will be taught to hold the fret with the correct technique and placement to best access the sound from the strings. It is very important to cultivate the right habits so that it enhances your skill and playing eventually. So, to understand the basics of any instrument is a necessary skill to become a better musician. 

Before you know to hold the strings on the fret, it is also necessary to learn correct postures of holding the guitar. This will ensure that the guitar is positioned correctly for you to access the necessary part of your instrument. Different types of guitar have different ways of holding the guitar which you will learn in detail as you progress through the course. 

Now, depending on the style you have chosen to learn you will be learning your right hand technique on a guitar. Whether you want to pluck the notes with your fingers or a plectrum. Both have different techniques. There is a method to use your fingers to play the strings and a way of holding the plectrum to get the best sound of the note when being plucked with the plectrum. Now that you are equipped with the most basic information on how to put your instrument into functioning, you will learn the necessary technical exercises and music theory which will build you into the musician you thought of.

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