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Encouraging Students to write Certificate Based Exams

While they learn the essential basics of music from you, is it necessary for your student to write the certificate based examinations like the Trinity, Rockschool, ABRSM ? It is not compulsory but can be very helpful to them in future. You can also track their progress in terms of the level of skills they have attained in their progress. Before all that let us understand what these examinations are all about. 

Examination Structure : Music Boards such as Rockschool, Trinity, ABRSM, organise  exams from Basic beginner grade to the Advanced learner grade. The evaluation criteria varies according to different boards, although it is usually evaluated based on the content that each of these boards provide to their students. The level of difficulty in techniques and theory ascends with the grade or level that the student is in. These boards provide them with certificates on successfully completing each grade. They evaluate you in various sections like Music Theory, Technical Exercises, Sight Reading abilities, and your ability to play a complete track. It is usually graded out of 100, and a better grade remark for better marks. To write these examinations one must pay the fee associated with each of these with which they also get an official book on which the content for the examination is written.

Examination Content : Every board provides different content. One thing that is common in all of the courses though is the presence of Hit tunes. There are many popular pieces that are available as their content. So, it is really helpful for both students and teachers as they can learn a lot of songs from the course itself. Students will also learn how the technical intricacies are represented over the music sheet which will really help them transcribe songs for themselves in future. Some of these boards also provide students with backing tracks which are an amazing feature to put their practice on.
Benefits of Examination : Preparing for examination sets you an objective. You can set weekly targets to prepare your students to appear for the examination. They will get used to learning sheet music which will benefit your student as a musician. It somehow also prepares them for pressure situations like stage shows, recitals and showcases. It will also get your student to be more disciplined and more structured in their approach to learning. Especially for kids, it excites them to be able to upgrade their level regularly which you can use as a motivating factor for your student.

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